New York

Who stays in a $1,000 a night Park Hyatt Hotel in New York City for FREE? I do. And with Travel Cutie’s help, dear reader, you can, too…

What a perfect New York weekend! A Michelin-starred meal in a fancy French restaurant (, a walk in Central Park on a sunny, summer day, FREE visits to not three but FOUR superb museums ( the MOMA (free on Friday late afternoons), the Rubin (free on Friday nights), the Frick (free on late Sunday mornings), and the Whitney (free with a Bank of America credit card- like Alaska Airlines or Travel Rewards), a lesson about gangsters during a visit to a Prohibition era speakeasy, a classic deli meal at Katzs Delicatessen, an excellent and thought-provoking play at an off-Broadway theatre, an authentically tasty Neopolitan pizza with a good friend who works at the UN (next time a visit there) at, the most savory chicken dish ever at a highly recommended (and with good reason) fantastic Indian restaurant (, all that beautiful architecture and NYC night-time excitement, too. Phew! Does it get any better than this? 

Yes, it does. We stayed in a splendid hotel with luxurious, gorgeous rooms and a delightful urban view for FREE. Many thanks to the awesome Chase Hyatt Credit card that gave me the two weekend nights’ on the house, because that’s what got us to the city in the first place. Hyatt has hundreds, if not thousands of lodging options to choose from all over the world, but I wanted to stay at the Park Hyatt New York in Manhattan. Once I checked in and saw just how nice a property it is, I thanked my lucky stars, indeed. What a great hotel, and I was staying there for free…

And oh, yes, a bonus, too. We checked in a bit early and the room was not quite yet ready for us.The receptionist warmly informed us that since we were Platinum status members (another perk for the credit card holder which we had not even been aware of!) she had gift coupons for us to use at the Lobby Bar, valid for up to $18 each, towards any beverage at all. This was a lovely addition to an already pleasant check-in process, and by the time we finished our refreshingly delicious drinks, our wonderful room was waiting for us. I love New York! Do you?

Note: The credit card bonus recently changed (August 2017), not quite as excellent as it used to be, but still not so shabby either! With the bonus now, you get 40,000 points (instead of two free weekend nights which is what it used to be). The Park Hyatt hotel, where I stayed in the summer of 2016, “costs” 30,000 points for one night. But there are other hotels in the city, for example Hyatt house and Hyatt Place, where 40,000 points will get you free two weekend nights.

First: the requirements on the following credit card: minimum spend of $2,000 within the first 90 days after the account has been opened. And here’s the link to apply for this terrific card that will send you on your way to two natty weekend nights in New York (or anywhere else you desire where there’s a Hyatt Hotel):

Statue-of-Liberty-freedom-New-York       I am free, yes, I’m free, now I’m on my way

Not only do I like to book free trips and free hotels for my “closer to free the better” vacations, but I also like to visit museums for free when I can. The entry fees at some of the world’s finest and most interesting museums can be high, so when possible, I try to visit them during their free hours or days.

Would you like to discover some free activities in New York City? For example, did you know that you can get free entrance to many museums in New York which otherwise cost upwards of $20, if you simply go on the right day, at the right time? Which museums in New York are free? Here’s the list of free museums in New York and a recent update (change can be good sometimes)

Are you interested in learning about other free museums in the United States? Across the U.S., you can get in for free during the first weekend of the month if you show your Bank of America or Merrill Lynch card– whether debit or credit. Which museums are free with a Bank of America card? Click on this link for that list in alphabetical order by state, of your museums and more freebie benefits from Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.

Free trips. Feel good. Go for it- New York, NY is a wonderful town!


Travel Cutie

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