Here’s an easy way to get up to 5,000 bonus miles on United MileagePlus

Vincit omni veritas? In vino veritas? Vincit omni vino?!

Whichever- Bon voyage!

Lucky me, I was just thinking about how I might get an additional big chunk of miles soon, to top off my United MileagePlus frequent flyer account, so that I would have enough miles to take one of my nieces to Croatia via a free flight on Lufthansa next year.

Dubronik Travel Cutie


This morning I decided to check up on what often looks like junk mail, but might not be, and found that I had gotten a link to a wonderful and easy way to get up to 5,000 miles on United Mileage Plus (good for booking Lufthansa flights, and those on other partner airlines, too)!

Here is the Link to have the targeted message sent to your email, and then you can get your bonus wine miles on United. 

For less than $42 for your first shipment from vinesse, you get 6 bottles of wine, and 2,000 bonus miles added to your United MileagePlus account. For the second shipment of another 6 bottles (at a higher price: $12-15 per bottle plus delivery), you get an additional 3,000 miles.

This is a pretty good deal (but I wish the second shipment were less expensive!), and summer is just around the corner. If you like the wines you get, and you’re of the proper age, great, sip them slowly and in moderation, enjoy! Or you can gift them to friends and family.  And if by chance you don’t love a wine you get, make sangria, or a wine cooler, or spritzer, or maybe cook with it.

But enjoy those miles, and remember to cancel the automatic shipments if and when you should decide you don’t want or need any more wine or miles.

Cin cin,

Travel Cutie,




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