With a niece I visited Germany: three days we spent in Berlin. Two FREE nights, two FREE breakfasts- two lucky people at the Hyatt, alles gut! Sehr dankbar, ja, ich bin.

Berlin’s a wonderful city for walking, cycling, and river cruising; there’s beautiful new modern architecture everywhere, one of the rare advantages of the city’s having had to be rebuilt. The contrast of the contemporary with what remains of the classic is startling.

An hour-long boat ride along the Spree gave us an overview of the history and a glance at some of the best buildings, and helped us figure out exactly what we wanted to see more up close and personally after visiting parks, listening to jazz, soaking up the vibes of the youthful energy everywhere, and just enjoying being in sunny Berlin in June.

Staying at the Grand Hyatt for free was quite a bonus. This was one of the first times (May 2012) I had signed up for a hotel credit card with a special promotion of earning two free weekend nights. Nice hotel!  And just like that, we saved almost $700 on lodging and food.

I was so inspired by how easy and rewarding it was that I repeated the process yet again three years later.Here’s the current link to the credit card with a similar bonus:

And you can see the post on my August 2016 visit to New York City for more details.

your ever thankful Travel Cutie


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