Gift a FREE trip to London for someone-you-love’s graduation? Well, then, Delta is the one. For 60,000 miles I got a free transatlantic ticket to that city’s good food, good fashion, and good fun.

Another niece finishing high school, another nice two weeks abroad to celebrate. One free ticket for a flight on Delta thanks to their co-branded credit card with American Express-here’s that linkand the other purchased for a fantastic price at studentuniverse.

Are you familiar with studentuniverse? They offer discounted airfares for teachers and students, but I often wonder how they get away with it. Why isn’t considered discrimination if people of other professions cannot have access to the same discounted pricing?

Anyway, I’m very lucky to have pals in London who invited us to stay with them. Some highlights of the trip in addition to spending good times with good friends: the museums: Tate, British, and especially Victoria and Albert. Good sights all around…and plenty of pretty funky shopping at the many vintage markets and TopShop, and even Primark, where we were far from the only customers in line.

For eating out we really loved the Brixton Village ethnic restaurants with their many culinary treats from around the world. We also enjoyed the fact that many Londoners were always eating there too, not only tourists.

And when it was time to hit the next spot on our itinerary, was a convenient way to get to the airport to pick up our cheap, fast and easy flight to the Greek Islands.

If you have not yet traveled on, I think you should seriously consider it. They do for travel in the 21st century what the Eurail passes did in the 20th. You can get from one great city (big or small) to another, easily (lots of direct flights between interesting cities), cheaply (especially if you book well in advance) and quickly (lots of short haul flights available), allowing you to make the most out of your limited vacation time.

Granted, like many of their counterparts here and abroad nowadays, easyJet too, will nickel and dime you to death, charging fees for what used to be considered the basics. Still, it’s worth it…

Check them out; their website is very userfriendly- one of my favorites. They also allow you to purchase one way fares for very cheap prices (and forced the hands of major carriers  in similar markets to do the same in order to compete).

Sometimes when I’m not sure where I want to go, I cross-reference easyJet cities with my hotel points, see where there is overlap, and find the inspiration for my next close-to-free destination thataway.

Travel Cutie


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