Limestone and Karst Topography!

Limestone and Karst Topography: What an amazing planet we occupy. Wouldn’t you like to see as much of it as you can, for FREE? Even if the sight of so much beauty makes us sigh, and wonder and ponder the how and the why.

With bonus miles and points from the best credit card promotions and offers today, you can visit all three of these gorgeous places with free airline tickets. Yes, free flights to Geneva, Switzerland (then a forty five minute drive to Talloires, France. Rent your car with AutoEurope. They’re the best and definitely a cutie favorite.

Or Rhodes, Greece (an easy free ticket to London, then hook up with a short, cheapo flight on Easyjet, which also could be free if you paid for it with one of the many travel reimbursement credit cards).

Or even Ko Phi Phi (Island) in Southern Thailand (a free ticket for your flight to Bangkok, then a short free flight to Phuket (ThaiAirAsia is a Delta partner! Book your free Thai AirAsia ticket with Delta miles and follow it up with a fun ferry boat ride to Phi Phi island.

Where do you think this picture was taken?

Talloires, at the Roc de Chère area, on Lake Annecy, in the Haute Savoie of France?

Ko Phi Phi, the island in southern Surat Thani province on the Gulf of Thailand?

Or Lindos, the beautiful ancient ruins on the Aegean island of Rhodes, Greece?




Can you guess where each of these pictures is from?

What about this one?

Photos I’ve taken of three different places look exactly like this. It’s almost impossible to tell the locations apart (thanks to the magic of limestone deposits or karst topography).

What a beautiful place this thing called Earth, wouldn’t you say so?





And here’s the third….where?

I can tell you something else,  I’ve gone swimming in each of these beautiful bodies of water, and I also had some FANTASTIC meals not far from each of these places.  And if you asked me to pick a Travel Cutie favorite, well, that’d be impossible, because they are each spectacular!


Travel Cutie

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