Like Travel Hacking but find it hard to make your minimum spend? Pay any bill with Plastiq again and again.


Like Travel Hacking but finding it hard to make your minimum spend?  Pay any bill with Plastiq again and again.

Pay with Plastiq

If you are a fan of collecting bonus miles and points for free flights and free hotels to help you see the world on a budget, or you want to start collecting those points and miles, but are challenged by the thousands of dollars of minimum spend within the first 90 days that most of those travel credit cards require, help is here for you now. Pay with Plastiq.  Any bill.

Do you sometimes wonder how can you make the minimum spend?  Here’s the answer: you can easily achieve your minimum spend by paying your big bills with Plastiq (and your bigger bills, and your biggest bills). What exactly can you pay for with Plastiq? You can pay your rent with Plastiq. Or pay your mortgage with Plastiq. Pay your taxes with Plastiq. And pay your tuition with Plastiq.  You can even make your car payment with Plastiq. And your insurance, too! And a whole lot more…. simply pay with Plastiq.

Pay with Plastiq

Basically, Plastiq allows us to make payments by credit card to people and/or businesses who don’t usually accept credit card payment, by paying them with a check on our behalf. This makes it a piece of cake to achieve the minimum spend required by many credit cards, and frankly, this company will be HUGE in the (near) future. That’s my prediction: watch them grow… Their product, timing, and market placement are impeccable.

How does Plastiq work?  You open an account with them, fill out the necessary forms, you pay them using your chosen credit card, and then they issue a check for you as payment, for example- for your rent to your landlord; you pay Plastiq for the amount of that check, plus a fee of approximately 2 to 2.5%.  This is beautiful math for getting a huge bonus on a minimum spend.

Here’s why: Let’s say your rent is $1,000 per month. You decide to pay three months using Plastiq, on time, and maybe a little in advance to be sure you’re paying before your deadline for the bonus for the minimum spend on the credit card. And yes, you can pay more than one month’s rent at a time with Plastiq.

Let’s say your fees with Plastiq for paying the $3,000 for three months of rent by check on your credit card, are 2.2 % or $66. Well, for only sixty six dollars, you just got yourself one of the following big bonuses (assuming you had signed up for a big bonus with the right credit card, see current best credit card deals now)………..60,000 miles on American Airlines, good for a free ticket to South America…………or 60,000 miles on Delta, good for a free ticket to Europe…………….or 2 free weekend nights at a Hyatt hotel, worth up to $2,000 in New York City! and so on.  That’s a LOT of value for a $66 fee, isn’t it?

Learn more herePay-with-plastiq

Plastiq is an absolutely fantastic deal, what an easy way to make your minimum spend, and get something back for paying the bills of life. Never mind that nasty manufactured spending, Plastiq is a much better way to go.

Free trips feel good….

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