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A big bean, some serious food, the grand art, a great lake. Cool buildings, friendly people, Second City humor, it’s a lot to take. Don’t you just love Chicago? Don’t you just love a FREE Fairmont?

We came to Chicago in early summer, and it was already very hot! I wondered what it’s like there in the winter time. This silvery, snowy picture inspires me- if I visit again, that’s when I’ll go.

And speaking of inspiration, our best meal there was at Sixteen. Their multicourse lunches are unbeatable for a two Michelin-starred restaurant.

imageA delicious course for fans of a Paleo diet, at Sixteen, lunch

One of us had a conference, and a jam-packed one at that, so we decided to add on a few extra days to enjoy the city from a traveler’s point of view. Spending a couple of hours in The Art Institute alone made that a worthwhile decision. And Fairmont hotels helped us achieve our goal in a generous way. More details about the city coming later but here is the credit card link to help you get your two free Fairmont nights (or four if two of you get cards and you travel together):

Is Chicago your kind of town?  Try it for free, and see.

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