Not goodies

Although for the most part, my free trips on credit cards have been smooth sailing, I did recently get shut out of the points or miles I thought were in store for me. I want to tell you what happened so that you don’t repeat my mistake.

In early summer, I was unable to get the 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles that I planned on with my Bank of America co-branded card. Unfortunately for me, because I already had another Bank of America travel credit card (Travel Rewards), they decreased my credit limit on the Alaska card to such a small amount, that it did not even qualify for the bonus miles.

Upon communicating with Bank of America’s Customer Service to inquire what had happened, I learned that unlike other financial services companies, for example, American Express, and kudos to them for doing so, Bank of America does not adjust the amount of credit limit on each card to distribute it more equally, which would allow the cardholder to reap more than one bonus. Boo hoo..

I didn’t find out about this until after I had already made my minimum spend, and received only 5,000 bonus miles instead of 25,000. Then again, perhaps it was in the confirmation letter I received, and I missed it.

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