Travel hacking as an investment, “Take that to the bank”

No doubt about it, a penny saved is a penny earned. Think about how many pennies there are in an airline ticket whose value is $1,500-$2,000. One hundred fifty thousand to two hundred thousand.

Now imagine that you can earn enough miles and points to get yourself free flights and/or hotel stays two or three times a year for two or three years. They add up quickly, and you will have saved a million pennies or more.

It makes sense, then, doesn’t it?


Some skeptical folks may think it takes too much time, but I don’t agree at all. Let’s look at the math: if you add up the minutes or hours you spend applying for new cards, keeping track of your expenses, paying your bills, verifying your miles, and checking flexible dates to book your free flights and hotels, basically you have a new job for which you “earn” hundreds of dollars worth of travel an hour, or more.

Seems like a good deal to me.

And remember, as I’ve explained on the home page, in the long term, if you have multiple cards and you pay the bills in full and on time, establishing an excellent financial history, you are proving to the banks that you are very credit-worthy, and your score will go up.

Live within your means, and enjoy your free trips; they feel good, don’t they? Like money in the bank…

Travel Cutie