A big bean, some serious food, the grand art, a great lake. Cool buildings, friendly people, Second City humor, it’s a lot to take. Don’t you just love Chicago? Don’t you just love a FREE Fairmont? We came to Chicago in early summer, and it was already very hot! I wondered what it’s like there … More Chicago

Tripadvisor reviews

If you choose to peruse them, reviews are like news. Some sing the praises, some sing the blues. Some of the following you may find of note, of some I’m embarrassed, of others I gloat. So remember that the truth here is somewhat subjective, (not like in math!) and what you read now’s but my … More Tripadvisor reviews


They say that heaven is 10 zillion light years away… This website is dedicated to the memory of my mother, still a constant source of love, generosity and inspiration. She loved a bargain, she encouraged her children and grandchildren to broaden our horizons, and even though she, herself, never had a passport, she used to … More Dedication