When taxes on a free ticket are just TOO expensive… what to do?

When taxes on a free ticket are just TOO expensive… what to do?

Well,  it’s very frustrating and even disheartening I would say, when you finally accumulate the miles you want on an airline you like, to fly to a destination you hope to visit, only to find out that the taxes and fees on your free ticket, are almost as expensive as a paid ticket would have been anyway.

For example, AA, American Airlines is a horrible company to use to fly to Europe on miles, because they insist on routing you through London Heathrow, and then you must pay in the vicinity of $500 for taxes and fees, and that price is just SO not worth it!

One alternative is to use the miles on a partner airline, or, to simply fly to a different destination. For example, I like to use my 60,000 AA miles to go to southern South America, for example Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile.  Then the taxes barely cost $60, and that’s round-trip, not a rip-off!

Unfortunately, there’s a similar situation with Lufthansa.  I hoped to use those 60,000 miles for a nice Croatian visit, but no, no matter which routing I tried, the cost of taxes and fees, again, runs from $497 to about $538 per person! PLEASE…give us a break.

One solution is to fly on their partner Turkish Airways (I LOVE their flights.)  Then the taxes and fees are closer to $200, but, the flight times are longer, and I think I would rather just visit Turkey and not have to connect anywhere else in Europe.  They have terrible connecting flight times for almost all of their European destinations.  And I’ve gone to Turkey a lot, and even recently, too, so I will wait a couple of years before I return to that enchanting land.

Figuring I hadn’t been to Spain in a while and my travel partner yearns to check out Scotland, it seems like that’s a nice combination for our next European brief sojourn (probably 5 days in each country).  And we can connect between Edinburgh and Seville easily enough, and cheaply enough.  Ryanair will take us direct non-stop (on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the summer months) .

flamenco many

But first we need our transatlantic passage.  Air Canada seems like a good prospect, they are a Lufthansa partner, too, and their connecting flight times from Boston-Toronto-Edinburgh are pretty good.

Excited to have learned this, I had looked forward to today, Saturday, my day off, to prepare the framework of this trip BUT, I saw again, as often is the case, that you cannot book partner airlines flights online, you must call and do this with a person at a toll-free number.

Lufthansa’s Miles and More department, however, is only open on Monday through Friday, 800a.m. – 10:00p.m., so, no fun trip-planning today. 😦

It was also not fun being on hold a long time to get a person at Lufthansa’s regular number 1-800-645-3880 to find this out, and that you have to contact 1-800-581-6400, which is their Miles and More number, during the week.

Well, fingers crossed now, that I can get through to them on Monday night, and maybe with even more luck, they will have 2 seats available on all 4 flights that I need, to book us the itinerary that we want.

Stay tuned for I will keep you posted.

Guten abend….




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