Small toiletries can be a treat, but this is a better idea. Reduce plastic waste? Yes!

Plastic is bad travelcutie

Some complimentary hotel toiletries are VERY nice but this is a better idea. Reduce plastic waste? Yes!

I’m surprised we don’t read or hear more about this: a solid initiative to help reduce plastic waste by a big, international hotel chain.  According to Marriott, the annual use of 500 million tiny plastic bottles will be eliminated, meaning those little guys won’t be filling up landfills.  It sure sounds like a good thing!  Read more details here.

Now, if they (and every other big international hotel chain) could only train their maids to respect and follow the wishes of their guests, and NOT replace every towel, every day… wow!

But I’ve been complaining about this for as long as I have been traveling, because although I am always doing what the little signs tell me do; i.e.  leave on the floor (or in the tub) the towels I want replaced, and hang the towels up if I want to re-use them, I can tell you that in chain properties, the employees who clean the rooms NEVER adhere to my wishes (but in individually owned properties, the hotel maids do comply with the instructions).

I get it,  the maids are only trying to preserve their jobs, and this is also important, but, there has to be a better way, or a compromise, because if my environmentally sound efforts are being completely ignored, I’m sure those of millions of other hotel guests are as well. What a waste!



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