Delta 70,000 miles Gold American Express credit card

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Flight! Are we ready? It’s been so long. Not sure if I’m ready yet, but at least in the meantime, I can pile up some more miles for when the day arrives- money in the bank. I just got approved on the newest offer for a Delta Gold American Express card that comes with 70,000 miles for only a $2,000 minimum spend in 90 days. Real estate taxes are due again on May 1, so what perfect timing. (This offer ends April 28,2021) The $95 annual fee is even waived for the first year.

Apply for an American Express Card with this link. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved!

And I’m sorry I’ve been a bit behind on everything. Seemed kind of silly to be writing about travel when so many other more important things (were/are) happening in the world (US election/Covid 19 still!).

Luckily, we did get in some really nice trips shortly before the virus became news and the pandemic struck (yes, another wonderful trip to Easter Island in January 2020, which began in Santiago, Chile (where we accidentally witnessed the effects of tear gas during a demonstration!) and ended in Mendoza, Argentina (where we purposely enjoyed ridiculously fantastic steaks). And even a New York weekend getaway just in the nick of time (beginning of March) where we had an excellent couple of meals (Fish Cheeks and Via Carotta) with old and new friends, saw a terrific play (A Soldier’s Story with the always excellent Blair Underwood) and immensely enjoyed the awe-inspiring walks, ferry rides and views from our ever comfortable and superbly located Sheraton Weehauken).

Maybe some day I’ll get around to posting more of the details and some pictures, but then again, maybe not, because teaching on Zoom takes SO much time and energy if you do it right, that there’s little left for anything else.

In the meantime, I hope you and yours stay healthy and hopefully at least a little happy, too.

Cheryl T., your Travel Cutie

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