♫ ♫ Volare, oh, oh…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Flight! Are we ready? It’s been so long. I took my first one since January of 2020, on May 11, 2021. I did it! Some anxiety beforehand, quickly dissipated after arriving to our destination LAX.

Was relieved to see that all staff and passengers (on American Airlines direct non-stop BOS-LAX, and LAX-BOS on JetBlue direct non-stop), were respectful of all protocols.

Was surprised to see that both flights (return on May 15) were just about completely full!

Part of the reason they’re so full is that many flights and/or routes have been cancelled. United, and I’ve heard American, are not doing a good job informing their passengers of this. United cancelled all direct non-stop service between Boston and Los Angeles on March 26, and although we had purchased our tickets back in early February, we did not learn about our cancelled flights until the end of April, and even then, only accidentally (not because we were kindly, directly, or professionally informed by UA). How annoying! I worried that we’d not be able to find good replacement flights at the last minute (less than two weeks ahead), but, I was wrong! (It happens.) In fact, I was delighted to learn that there was more flexibility, availability and fair pricing- including regarding mileage requirements, for one-way flights- imagine that! Or, at least this was the situation during the last week of April to book for the middle of May. I hope it lasts.

Now though (end of May 2021) I see that the quantity of miles necessary to book a free trip is steadily creeping up- more airlines are doing away with fixed award charts, and thus I am even gladder about the bonus airline miles and hotel points we’ve been scooping up lately on an array of cards and new deals: money in the bank. That rainy day is coming!

Hopefully soon, I will post info about some of my favorite new cards or deals- but only the ones that are still valid. Several ended in April.

Sorry I’ve been a bit behind on everything. Seemed rather trivial and even unfair to be writing about travel when so many other more important things have been happening on the planet. Now though, I realize many of us need to get away and find joy somewhere else in the world besides home.

Luckily, my favorite travel partner and I did get in some really nice trips shortly before the virus became news and the pandemic struck (yes, another wonderful trip to Easter Island in January 2020, which began in Santiago, Chile (where we accidentally witnessed the effects of tear gas during a demonstration!) and ended in Mendoza, Argentina (where we purposely enjoyed ridiculously fantastic steaks).

And even a New York weekend getaway just in the nick of time (beginning of March) where we had an excellent couple of meals (at Fish Cheeks and Via Carotta) with old and new friends, saw a terrific play (A Soldier’s Story with the always excellent Blair Underwood) and immensely enjoyed the awe-inspiring walks, ferry rides and views from our ever comfortable and superbly located Sheraton Weehauken).

Maybe some day I’ll get around to posting more of the details and some pictures, but then again, maybe not, because preparing for and teaching on Zoom takes SO much time and energy if you care to do it right (and yes, I am committed to that!), so there’s little left for anything else.

In the meantime, I hope you and yours stay healthy and hopefully at least a little happy, too.

Cheryl T., your Travel Cutie

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